Zoom Vs. Live Training

In this day and age of COVID-19 many martial arts schools and other businesses have transitioned to online virtual platforms such as Zoom, Facebook/Instagram Live, Skype, etc. The platforms are great to have, but it should not be a replacement to live training. Now, that the Governor of Texas has moved our state to Phase 3 of the reopening Texas campaign, it is now time to get out of the house and start supporting the martial arts schools that have helped you keep your sanity during the stay at home orders. It is very important for these businesses to get back their students back to their training facility. I know, what you are thinking. I'm still scared of COVID-19. Rest assured that our school and these martial arts schools have cleaned and sanitized, their school and equipment tirelessly, and it has got to be more sanitized than your local HEB or Walmart. That brings me to another point. People are not scared to go to the store, but are scared to come and learn martial arts, get in shape and build their immune system that can help fight off COVID-19. There is no substitute than having the energy fill the room with students working and training together while maintaining social distancing. Plus, getting live feedback from the Instructor. Training self defense we unfortunately need partners to really get the real world aspect of an actual attacker to train the techniques. Although Zoom and others provide the "dry drilling" of the techniques, you wont get a good feel of how the technique will actually work. Now is the time to start coming back to class and train live with your classmates and Instructor. The school is clean and sanitized after each class so that we can keep students safe. So, although the virtual online classes are a great filler, it is not the most effective way to learn self defense or any martial arts. 

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