Israeli Self Defense used by the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) to defend against all types of threats and attacks ranging from punches, kicks, knives, sticks, guns and rifles, as well as defending chokes, grabs and defending against attacks while on the ground.



Submission Grappling is a new sport with a long history. The object is to submit your opponent using a variety of joint locks and chokes, or to win the match on points.

Other grappling arts have also influenced Submission Grappling. The most common takedowns come mainly from freestyle wrestling. The prevalence of leglocks shows the influence of such arts as Sambo and Catch-As-Catch-Can wrestling (the ancestor of today’s ‘Pro Wrestling’). Many of the top Submission Grappling competitors also compete in mixed-martial-art or no-holds-barred competition, and this brings a certain intensity to the sport.

Submission Grappling is very similar to the grappling required for mixed martial art competitions such as the Ultimate Fighting Championship or the Pride Fighting Championship in Japan. Positions and maneuvers that would be advantageous in a real fight (such as passing the guard or achieving the mount position) are rewarded by the point system, even though striking is not allowed in competition.

Training in Submission Grappling typically involves significant amounts of sparring or ‘‘rolling’’. Live training against a resisting opponent is considered invaluable in developing the skills and attributes considered essential for high-level performance in real-life situations.



This is a 45 minute bag workout utilizing boxing and kickboxing combinations as well as adding bodyweight, kettlebells, slam balls, medicine balls and other various methods to ensure you have a complete workout so that you can burn up to 1,000 calories.



Our Krav Maga teens program is a fun, encouraging alternative to traditional martial arts self defense classes for teens. Instead of forms and drills, Krav Maga for teens teaches tools and techniques tailored for situations that commonly confront them at school, and in life. In our classes, we stress three things: self-defense, fitness, and confidence. By focusing on these real world needs, teens are engaged in the learning process.

Enroll Your Child In Krav Maga For Teens!

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One of our primary missions with any age group is fostering mental strength. A strong mind is agile, aware, and confident. Far from being a physical-only class, Krav Maga for children trains young minds to think and react with an emphasis on situational awareness and creative problem-solving. Whether they’re facing problems caused by a school bully or a surprise math test, your child has a set of tools to handle the situation.

In our Krav Maga classes, your child will get plenty of exercise, but it will be exercise with a purpose. By linking their physical activity to real self-defense techniques, we focus on training the muscles they will be asked to use both in class and the real world. We help your kids develop and maintain healthy bodies through the use of exercise, nutrition, and mindfulness. They will learn the limits of their body, and how to push themselves safely to expand those limits.

Students learn skills quickly and stay in shape, but they also get the practical skills to keep them safe. During our self defense classes for kids, they are taught awareness of their environment, what to do if they are attacked, and when to avoid a fight. By cultivating the proper mindset and the physical skills needed to support it, you help keep your child safe even when you aren’t around.

One benefit of our children’s classes is the unparalleled socialization practice they will get. They will have the chance to work on individual and collaborative communication with instructors, peers, and eventually, beginners like they once were. Empathy, compassion, and leadership are core values we instill in our students.


“It ain’t about how hard you hit. It’s about how hard you can get hit and keep moving forward.”



  • Show up on time. If you arrive 10 min after class has started, you will not be allowed to participate.

  • Be in school uniform (school shirt/gi, black pants/shorts with school patch).

  • Students must bring all equipment to every class (boxing/mma gloves, shin guards, mouthpiece and groin protector).

  • Have good personal hygiene (trim finger and toe nails, clean uniform, and use deodorant).

  • Class begins and ends with a formal bow to the Instructor(s) where the students line up.

  • Everyone starts the warm up at the scheduled time.

  • No cell phones during class time. This causes delay and distraction.

  • Leave your ego at the door.

  • Let the Instructor(s) teach! Don’t interrupt the Instructor(s) during class.

  • Wipe down all equipment after use with the disinfectant wipes.

  • No whining or complaining and definitely, NO NEGATIVE ATTITUDES!

  • Introduce yourself to new people. By introducing yourself to new students, you help put their mind at ease with a smiling face.

  • If you are early, do not walk through the main floor and interrupt the Instructor. This is also for your safety.

  • If you are sick, injured, or having a bad day, please stay home and rest.


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