About a year ago, I found this place online, had zero Krav Maga experience, and didn’t know anyone in the class. And it was one of the best decisions I’ve made.

Everyone is supportive and encouraging. Mark is a dedicated instructor and stresses good technique. This location is disciplined yet enjoyable at the same time. Self-defense is a must-have skill for basic survival. You never know when you will need it. KFN can help you achieve that.”

– Vera Wood

“I have started taking Krav Maga lessons a couple of month ago. I really enjoy them! They provide both the physical exercise I was looking for (I am not a treadmill guy…) as well as real-life self defense techniques. Mark Dong is really knowledgeable instructor who insists on getting the technique right in order to promote safety. I recommend it to anybody that is looking for an unusual way to work out and learn valuable self defense techniques! After all, it is not everyday that you can learn to defend yourself against knives, guns, sticks, you name it…”

– Xavier Connaulte

I’ve been training at Krav Fit Now for about six weeks. The school is AWESOME! Diverse group of students, female friendly environment, clean facility, and a highly competent instructor, Mark. The curriculum has good variety for all levels of fitness and the pricing is reasonable.

I really like that they offer different seminars with more advanced content from local and visiting instructors from time to time to enrich students’ experience. Mark is also keen on being involved in charitable causes and giving back to the community. Overall, this is a great place to get more fit, more knowledgeable about self-defense and make new friends.”

– Maria Shumilova

“Israeli self defense sounds a little intimidating but the instructor, Mark Dong makes the class very approachable.

I love that even though I’m in beginner Krav the classes are always different and interesting and the skills are taught in a way that they build on one another. It keeps you motivated to go to every class because you don’t want to miss out. Mark’s instruction is clear and he will help you get the technique right. The location is good, easy to get to, and it’s clean! They offer Krav Maga (beginner & advanced), Cardio Kickboxing, Boot Camp (like cross fit) & Muay Thai.

I am so happy I found KFN. I’m obsessed.”

– Rachel Slobodzian

“The instruction, instructor, and curriculum are excellent.The classes are well rounded determined to get the most out of you and believe me it does. Great Classes.”

– Cedric Wynn


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